Cooking School Bologna

Cooking School Bologna
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Cooking School Bologna
Since 2005 we teach the traditional recipes used in our families in Bologna

Carlo Alberto Big Carlo, a Prince of Bolognese sauce, passion for the best,  with his team in the atelier of  Bologna Cooking School , will enable you to reply in your home the Sfoglia, Tortellini, Tortelloni, Tagliatelle, Garganelli, Gnocchi and, above all, the original Bolognese sauce ‘Ragù alla bolognese’.
The cooking  classes is not only the technique, but also the pleasure to know and to taste the excellent food.
And, last but not least, our special lunch with selected and excellent wines.

Food Market


Food lesson at Food Market

Bolognese Sauce

IMG_2289c small ragu

Ragù Bolognese. The very heart of Bolognese Cuisine

Special Events


MasterChef winners at Bologna Cooking School